Collection: Flavor Concentrates

Now you can give your recipes a French or Mediterranean accent, southwestern flair or hearty, home-style goodness. Inside every container of easy-to-use Minors Signature Flavor Concentrates is BIG FLAVOR!! Uniquely blended for a truly authentic taste, they are made with fire-roasted vegetables, peppers and the freshest herbs and spices. A truly incredible taste sensation that can be used alone or in combination. Use these unique flavor concentrates in soups, sauces, rubs, marinades, salad dressings, basting and grilling, butters and even in baking. With 6 flavors you have infinite possibilities. The Fire Roasted Poblano is a concentrate that will give rich flavor from real fire roasted chiles, onions, garlic and herbs for the most authentic, freshest tasting Latin dish. Nestle has discontinued Roasted Mirepoix, Cilantro Lime, Sun Dried Tomato and Green Peppercorn Spread.