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Thank you!

Products arrived safely here in Japan and have been distributed. Now teaching my friends how to use the bases. Mirepoix and raspberry sauce an especially big hit. Thanks again,


So love your products. Beef Base and Hollandaise are just superb! Thank you for making me look like a great cook!



I wanted to thank you for how you do your email advertisements. Most companies will spam my inbox until I get fed up with it and unsubscribe, but you guys seem to very respectful about it.

....just wanted you to know that I Appreciate that. I may not buy from you guys on every email blast, but I do appreciate the reminder about your company and knowing the specials you have available. Thanks for being respectful and professional.


Hello soupbase

I was sent an email offering a special price of 3 dollars for shipping. I ordered some products for my son and myself. I was introduced to minors several years ago when I took culinary classes at a local vocational collage. I found Minors bases at Gordon Foods. I have used nothing but Minors for years. Now my son uses it too. But the only bases sold at Gordons was chicken and beef. When I found your website I saw the wide variety and was so excited to see the ham base. I ordered the ham base and let me say that when I make bean soup with it, it tastes just like I usually make it. With a ham bone that I cook for hours. It is a great product to have when I dont have a ham bone or the time to cook one. The reason I was looking for a source for Minors is Gordons is starting to carry their own brand instead. I was happy to see that I could still get Minors from you. I would like to place an order again but this time not only would my son want some base but so would my sister.She lives alone and does not buy a whole ham for herself so never has a bone. When I told her about how wonderful the ham base was she was excited to know she could make a small pot of beans for herself that tasted like she'd cooked a ham bone all day.

Thank you Very much

Rhonda H. in Garden City, MI

Dear Liz,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about the meringue mix, but it has been a very busy holiday season so far in my house. I loved the mix!!!!!!!!! It did do everything it said it would, no weeping and nice stiff peaks. My only complaint, if you want to call it that, is that it is a very dense meringue. I wonder if you could add more liquid or something. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and keep up the good work.


Coleen F.


We spoke the Monday before Thanksgiving about expediting an order via 2nd day air. The order arrived Wednesday as promised and was shipped complete. I wanted to share some feedback on a product that you recommended.

You were out of stock on Minor powdered Turkey Gravy mix. You suggested the Minor Turkey Gravy Concentrate which I purchased. I made the product, just add water, heat and serve. The dinner I took the gravy to had deep fried turkey, thus no drippings which I normally add to the dry mix. The concentrate was as complete and acceptable as a scratch gravy. It was a hit with everyone.

I appreciate the suggestion and your company. I spent 30 years in foodservice distribution and it is nice to be able to purchase your products without having to by full cases from the local distributors or worse, settling for substandard substitutes from retail grocers or wholesale clubs.

Thank You

George Chapman

Dear Heidi, David, and Telephone Staff:

I received my 'upgraded' order today, and just had to take the time to tell you that your bases and "sheer heaven." They taste like the base my mom use to make, and that was over 70 years ago.

I must say in this modern day of doing business, which many times leave a lot to be desired, I must say you seem to cling the old business manual--treat the customer so the customer will return. AND I WILL. Thank you for the cookbooks. I am making the Black Beans Del Rio from the beef recipie book. I just know they will be delicious.

Again, thanks to you all. Rena


The goods arrived - all safe and sound in record time. I rarely get presents at my age - it feels like Christmas. Thank you for your complete service!

Larry L. in Chiba, Japan

I used to work with Mike Minor and the gang at Nestle when I worked for FIDCO/FIS; so happy to have found bases for my holiday cooking!

Thank you!! Happy Holidays!

I made a fish chowder as soon as this arrived. The chowder was the best I've ever had. My North Atlantic fishing ancestry goes back to the 1800s so I've had a little exposure to seafood. I'm sensitive to MSG and suffered NO ill effects from this product. I wish I had found this product 40 years ago.

Kevin in Bethel, ME 11/25/13

I love your products.. Using the veggie soup base, along with leftovers that i store in my freeze (plus canned roasted tomatoes), i can make a killer soup in one hour... a great way to use up leftovers that are not enough for a meal

Thanks again

Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I've already recieved it! By the way the bavarian creme mix was awesome!!

I made cream puffs last night with it and everyone raved about them!! And the best part was it was so easy!! I like to make everything from scratch, but not anymore!!

Thanks again,


So, I've been driving past this unassuming storefront for years, always noting in the back of my head that I should stop by. I did today...I am very, VERY happy I did. I was greeted at the door by a very nice young lady who told me that I could not only look around, but sample just about anything in the place. Then, I did a reconnoiter.

The Outlet features loads of spices, rubs, sauces and some cookware items and all of it reasonably priced and of very high quality. I got some Saigon Cinnamon that I'd not seen anywhere else, and saved at least a few dollars on the price after comparing online. They bag their own spices and other items, thus saving the customer money in the packaging department, and they have everything you could want (in good volume) for making meals for two or twenty-two.

Now, the presentation of the place is quite simple, compared to more...trendy places, but it's clean, the folks are nice and helpful, and they don't stick you on the prices. Not only that, but through their mail order site, at http://www.soupbase.com, you can order all the stuff you see on the shelves and more.

I intend to stop there more often, and to do a lot, if not all, of my spice shopping there in the near future.

So, look for this little treasure on Mayfield Road and try a new "outlet" for cooking magic:

George S. in Cleveland, OH

I ordered my new bottle of Au Jus Liquid yesterday & I know the one I have is several years old. I'm sure with the salt content it has a very long shelf life but, thought I'd check with the professionals because one never knows. Love this product - use it in pot roasts, beef stroganoff, beef soups - anything I need to increase the beefy taste.

Kathy G. Sept. 17, 13

Thank you so much for catching my errors! I got the e-mail about the shipping special and was not careful about what bases I had in my refrigerator. I do need the gluten free option for all the bases, so I think I chose the wrong vegetable base as well. This is what my order should read: 1 # 383 Gluten Free Beef + 1 #437 Gluten Free Chicken + 2 #054 Gluten Free Vegetable

I am astounded at such great customer service! I have been touting the quality of the products you carry, but this is going above and beyond. I will be a customer for life.


Laura Hall-Schordje 9/3/2013

Note: this store is also called http://SoupBase.com and has a website at http://www.soupbase.com.

The soup bases are 1000% better than any kind of cube or powder bouillion and and a fraction of the price of the jar bouillion you buy at the gourmet store. Also the soup bases come in such an array of flavors - lobster, shrimp, clam, fish, roasted chicken and regular chicken, and on and on. Really fabulous quality and value.

It is fun to browse all their other items - like super strength vanilla extract with the beans in the bottle, and 2 different flavors of real cheese powder for popcorn, etc.

Laura R in Belmont, CA

Dear David, thank you for your prompt answer to my problem. I just placed my Beef Gravy order. I want you to know that we, as customers, really appreciate doing business with you and your company. Everyone that I make my roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner for loves my gravy. I tell them where it comes from and I don't think they believe me. I also can't get enough of your Turkey Gravy concentrate. I add a few of my own flavors to it and have never had any better. Thank you again.


Nancy Robinson July 21, 2013

Hi...............just had to let you know I love the bases!!!! great product, great service,

GREAT PEOPLE /CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! other companies need to learn from you!!!!

Have a great day........


My husband and I were driving to Great Lakes, Ill last Wed & Thurs for our grandson's graduation and stayed in Brecksville, Ohio Wed night. As we drove around the very beautiful community looking for a restaurant, I happened to spot what I think was one of your facilities off the main street. I told my husband this is where all of that cooking stuff comes from that he complains "takes up beer space" in the fridge.

In my last order I had for the first time your Au Jus concentrate which is absolutely awesome. Far better than the liquid.

Keep up the good work!

A happy Minors home cook,

Barbara Cannon July 3rd

I just love that store. I wish we were closer, I know I can order online but its so much fun walking around and finding all the cool stuff in there. The staff is so nice to us. They have such a great variety of the spices, bases, flavorings we are looking for plus ones we didn't know we needed.

Gwen Rodgers

This is my second time buying Minor's Bases, and I will continue to buy them forever! l've tried almost every brand, and ALL were too salty. Minor's has the meat listed as the first ingredient, and there's no problem if you increase the amount of base for a stronger flavor in your recipe. I've purchased the chicken & the beef (both L/S) and will be buying more as they run out.

Carole in Flowery Branch, GA

They carry the Minor's line of bases, which are hard to get and sought after here on the West coast.

Ordering was smooth and turnaround wonderful. One item on my order was out of stock and is currently on back order, but Heidi not only emailed me regarding the backorder, she also placed a phone call to me as well. I found her professional and wanting to please her customers on a real genuine level.

I would not hesitate to continue purchasing from this company - they have been bookmarked!

Linda L. in Campbell. CA

My order arrived this morning, very fast and in perfect condition! Thank you so much for all you have done for me and the care you take in packing your products. I shall tell all of my "foodie" friends of you website and prompt, caring service. I also want to tell you that I appreciated your prompt answers to my questions. David your company knows the true meaning of customer service.

Thank you again,

K. Schwalb in Texas 4/18/13

Friendly, knowledgeable owners that sell high quality products. I've actually been looking for some time for a good stock base for cooking; they have a wide selection ranging from standard chicken base to more uncommon bases such as mirepois and bacon. They also have various packaged products, such as stadium mustard, stuffing, roux mix, as well as various sauces to buy. The first time we stopped by here was when we randomly saw the outlet open on Mayfield, and decided to see what they had to offer. The owners were very friendly and willing to help with any needs we had. The next time we stopped by was several months later, and the owner remembered us from the first visit. So, good folks, good products, and a good location on Mayfield. Highly recommended!

Karen W. in Tampe, AZ

I wanted to thank you for helping me with my first order. The shrimp stock arrived in only 2 days. I was very pleased with the ease and quality of the product. After making mine from scratch and going through the process of saving shells from many pounds of shrimp, this was awesome. You were right when you told me the base taste better than the stock I made from scratch. It has cut my cooking time way down. I also enjoyed talking to you and hearing about how the company began, a real american success story. Thanks for the great product and the free cookbook too,

Damien H. in Varnville, SC 11/12/2012

I love Minor's bases and have used them for years. I have the roasted chicken, beef, ham, bacon, turkey, roasted garlic, chipotle, and roasted red pepper. Whether you are making a stew, soup, sauce or gravy, these bases will add so much depth and flavor, and usually just a spoonful is all that is needed, it's very concentrated. These would be perfect to add to Christmas gift baskets for your foodie friends, or friends who could use a little help in the kitchen :) .

Mary Clark in Fort Worth, TX November 4, 2012

My turkey wouldn't be the same if it wasn't rubbed with base first!! And I use it in my stuffing, too!! The gravy concentrate makes the best gravy, then I add the turkey drippings for even more flavor!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Stacy Straub

My freezer is full of various Minor's bases. Use them for everything, from cooking all the way down to just a mug of broth (with the chicken and clam bases). Best stuff in the world.

Coyote Holmberg Oct. 30, 2012

I just wanted to say a heart-felt THANK YOU because some of your soup bases are maltodextrin free and it’s very hard to find chicken or beef flavorings that don’t include that substance.

I’m a type 2 diabetic. There are 26 million known diabetics in the United States and it’s estimated that approximately another 20 million or so are either undiagnosed or are pre-diabetic.

When I was first diagnosed I followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter and yet my blood sugar kept jumping up to over 200 on a regular basis and I didn’t know why. I kept researching and researching and finally found out it was the maltodextrin that is found in many sugar free products as well as soups, bouillons, etc. I switched to an endocrinologist who explained that maltodextrin is extremely hard on the pancreas. Because of how the laws read, manufacturers are not required to list it in the nutrition information but only in the ingredient list.

Once I cut out all products with maltodextrin in them from my diet, my blood sugars quickly normalized and now my lab tests show that I’m pretty much the same as those who are not diabetic.

Before I was diagnosed I probably ate soup at least 4 times a week and even more in the fall and winter months. I missed it SO MUCH when I had to cut it from my diet but then someone in my diabetic support group told me about your products. HAPPY DAY! I can have soup again! I’ve also used it in casseroles, beef stroganoff, chicken cacciatore and much more.

It seems most companies either don’t know or don’t care to provide products that are truly safe for diabetics so again, a huge THANK YOU! Soup may seem like a small thing but when I’ve had to throw out a life-time of recipes I’ve collected and loved, it’s more than wonderful to know that with the maltodextrin free bases you have, I can still enjoy some of them.


Kelli M.

Clam base totally saved my chowder. We clammed for 2 days to get enough fresh clams. Even with the fresh broth it wasn’t clammy enough. The clam base was just enough to make it just right!!!!

Thanks again,

Melissa Joyal

Thanks. I look forward to using your product which was introduced to me at a Barbeque cooking school I attended last Saturday. I plan to use the products I purchased to inject beef briskets as a marinade. I am interested in your recipe booklets as well. Regards,

Butch Barnhill

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my inquiry!

Your soupbases were by far the most highly praised of any I found in the internet, and I will place my order shortly.

Norma Hayes

Dave and Heidi,

I'm always happy to see hard work rewarded and over the past 10-15 years I've watched your company as a web start-up flourish. You have been a company of highest integrity and service. I recommend you to all my friends.

I'm getting ready to launch a web based company as well. About the same time I started purchasing soup bases from you, I designed a very useful product for autos with console gearshifts. It's a trash bag that I have since named "Mobile Attaché ™" that you hang over the console gearshift. I made it out of faux leather so it's wipeable inside and out and added a couple of pockets for your stuff (iPhone, receipts, sunglasses etc.). I start production the first of June. I'll send you more information as soon as it becomes available. The website www.mobileattache.com will be up and running soon.

In the meantime, I love to go to www.allrecipes.com for recipes and will probably submit some of my own in the future. I used to own a restaurant about 30 years ago and have many recipes that are exclusively mine. Don't be surprised if you get a run on base pastes. If they will let me, I'll mention your website as a resource for my recipes.

Congratulations on your new website. It looks great!

Linda McCrary in Georgetown, Texas May 18, 2012
Turkey Base - 2 varieties

Three days after placing my order - and it arrived today. Wow! Well packed and in perfect condition, from Ohio to California.

Thank you, Mike Hickenlooper

Soupbase delivered as promised! I needed the turkey base by September 9th and I received it September 8th! My parents 50th anniversary party was a success thanks for the prompt delivery. Thank you Soupbase!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Poultry Bases

Love your products. I make soup like a mad woman, 16 quarts at a time, stock up in single servings in my freezer. The chicken and beef base have taken them to a professional level. Yum!

Linda in IL Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Smoky Barbecue Rub by Tom Douglas

I find your products of high quality and although I spend more I feel it is well worth it. I just tried the BBQ rug on a brisket and my company raved and raved about it. Have you ever thought opening a mail outfit in Canada so you could bring down the postage price. I am sure you would get more Canadians buying your wonderful products.

Judy in St. Catharines, ON, Canada Thursday, August 18, 2011
VALUE of Using Bases

These are the best soup bases I've ever used and kudos to soupbase.com for having the most friendly and helpful customer service online. Happy Anniversary!

Loa in Montgomery, TX Friday, August 12, 2011
All Natural Beef Base (New Formula)

Thank you for the great service. I have received the products and find them much better than the beef base I used before. I will be trying them on some briskets in a few days . Thanks again

Steve in Florida Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Slap Yo' Daddy Dry Rub

Service was 5 star, product is extremely good. The Slap Yo' Daddy Meat Rub - Original Formula enhances the meats' flavors. Did a slow cook BBQ on my Weber Smoky Mountain of beef ribs, pork ribs and some chicken using this rub and all 3 meats came out great! Will use this rub again and again.

Don in Glendale Thursday, July 21, 2011
Clam Base - 2 varieties

Great stuff. Required for good clam chowder

Michael in Pullman, WA Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Slap Yo' Daddy Dry Rub

"Excellent" rub! I made some brisket & ribs and the taste was spectacular. My family and guests enjoyed it tremendously.

David in San Dimas, CA Saturday, July 16, 2011
Soup Bases

I have been in production kitchens for over 40 years now, and all of Minor's bases are just the very best and this new one is right up there with all other Minor bases. You'll love this true flavor, it just doesn't get any better...

Mark in AZ Saturday, June 25, 2011
Chia Seeds - Fresh & Clean

Item as described. Arrived in a timely manner. This vanilla is soooo good!!!

Colleen in NM Saturday, June 25, 2011
All About Herbs - SALT FREE

I placed my first order yesterday, received a phone call this A.M. regarding shipping address. I am 80 years old, living 45 miles from a {minor/major} shopping area, and have chronic kidney disease. My goal is to prevent dialysysis as long as possible. I have called my Dr. and sent info. re. this site and it's low Na. products, and hoping to share this info. with others. Living in the country makes it mandatory to order on line. I have never been treated better than calling soupbase.com and talking to Heidi. If the product comes close to the service offered, I'm in heaven. Dick Doty PS. Cooking is fun, but let's make it as easy as possible. Much of the time is creating the base/sauce/glase for the menu, hopefully this obviate that time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dick Doty, thedotys@qwestoffice.net
Chef's Ingredient Panko Bread Crumbs & Tempura Batter

Excellent products - everything I've tried - and more than excellent people to speak with if you have a question.

Barbara in New York City Saturday, April 09, 2011
Spices, Salts, Peppers, Flours, Sugars

I love your soup bases. I ordered quite a few within the last 4 years. They are superb, and I ordered additional new products to try. I'm sure they will not disappoint! Keep up the good work, and I appreciate your trying to hold the s/h down. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but have not lived there in 40 years. If I ever get to Cleveland, I'm going to stop buy and probably go bonkers buying more product. Again, thanks for the e-mail.

Barbara in Weyauwega, WI Sunday, March 27, 2011
CIO & RC Specialty Soup Bases

We are looking forward to trying the new things we've not purchased prior to this order. We get nothing but compliments when we have guests over and stir fry etc. Your products are part of it all!! Thank you!! Cathy

Cathy in Alturas, CA Saturday, March 19, 2011
Slap Yo' Daddy Dry Rub

Hi David, Just had to say how glad I am to hear the biz is going so well. Confirming the ""Allserv"" thing, I found you guys around the time I graduated culinary school around '98 or '99. You were then the only source for proper base on the net. I remember opening that first package with all of the goodies inside, the fridge magnet, the recipe booklets and more. I thought then, you know, these guys are going to do well. Fast forward over a decade and as I opened my order yesterday, what did I find still? Recipes and helpful hints and tips! So happy to see you are doing well especially in this ""downturn"" we are having but I have always been convinced that a great product + great value + great customer service will always yield a good bottom line. I didn't order from you much when I was in the business, I could just get it from my truck but I never forgot the sterling service and am so happy you are still here for us home cooks. I'm sure you will be for many years to come. Btw, I'm heading to your website as soon as I finish prepping supper! Take care David and once again, my best to you and yours! Malcolm

Malcolm B. in Watkinsville, GA Saturday, March 05, 2011
Meat Bases

I was exposed to Minor's products many years ago when we owned several restaurants...I quickly took the products home and have used them ever since. I have never been disappointed...always look forward to your new products...The recipe ideas are endless and so delicious..now even my grown children use them...Keep up the good work..Lydia Sweatt

Lydia Sweatt in LydiaSweatt@aol.com Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Dee Dee Desserts - "No Bake" Cheesecakes

I've been shopping at Soupbase.com for over a decade. I was given the address on a cocktail napkin by a personal chef I met during a girl’s night out. We had been talking food and cooking techniques for most of the evening. As he passed the napkin to me he said this was his ""secret"". The first thing I ordered was the bases - the low sodium’s have become a constant in my frig. Back then I was calling in my orders. Every time I called I felt like I was a family member when placing my order. I've made almost all of Dean Jacobs desserts for holidays, special occasions and “just because”. They're as good as “from scratch” with a fraction of the trouble, and make the ""New"" store bought mixes pale horribly in comparison. Everything from panko bread crumbs, pan coatings, bases, marinades and rubs, to salts, decorating sugars and deserts are superior and convenient through Soupbase.com. I have passed the napkin numerous times over the years and I make sure I tell them this is “my secret”.

Jenny Sponder in jr3231@att.com Monday, February 21, 2011
Beef Base - n/a MSG (Original Formula)

I no longer buy any soup bones for soup, etc. I have quite a few bases and use them all. We are retired and there are just the two of us now plus having arthritis so I don't cook as much as I used to so haven't had to order lately. I ordered a lot a couple of years ago and still have much of it. Also couldn't live without mirepoix but still have quite a bit. It goes in a lot of soups I make too. Am liking the roasted onion also. Thanks for having such wonderful products! I really appreciate you. Thanks for answering questions I have sent you too. I have them in a file. I am one satisfied customer.

Louise in Salt Lake City Monday, February 21, 2011
Roasted Chicken Broth Concentrate. - n/a MSG

David, My order arrived yesterday! I am so pleased. Now I can get back to preparing veggies that my veggie hating husband loves and asks for more. I simply simmer an assortment of fresh and frozen vegetables in a little roasted chicken stock and then reduce the stock to make a glaze. With frozen green beans & pearl onions, fresh baby heirloom tomatoes, julienne carrots, celery and zucchini arranged wedges on a plate, they not only look gorgeous but, oooohh, do they taste great. Many thanks, Barbara

Barbara in Long Beach Monday, February 21, 2011
Sauce Preps & Mixes

I love the Minor's sauces and am very thankful to have a company that provides such a diversity of fantastic product. You ship fast and I've never been disappointed with anything in your inventory. Much appreciated!

Trish in Buffalo NY Sunday, February 13, 2011
Minor's Chicken Base - n/a MSG - low sodium

I use the low sodium chicken broth. It is wonderful, much better than the boxed broth you buy at the grocery store!

Nancy in Richmond, VA Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Classic Sauces & Marinades

Have placed orders with Soupbase on a number of occasions and have never experienced any problems. Needless to say, I will continue to do so in the future

Nell in Watertown, NY Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Soup Bases

Best soup base ever and great customer service, too.

Barbara in Omaha, NE Monday, February 07, 2011
VALUE of Using Bases

Your package arrived today, safe and sound! I want to thank you for the extra care that was taken this time in packing my order. The plastic wrap around each tub ensured not a single one was bent, nor cracked open, as has happened before. Great work!!