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Minor's Chipotle Flavor Concentrate - 14.4 oz - #686

Minor's Chipotle Flavor Concentrate - 14.4 oz - #686

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One the most popular flavors of today. Pronounced 'chey-POHT-lay', it has been around since the time of the Aztecs. Minor's uses a spirited combination of red, Chipotle and jalapeño peppers, then tempers them by roasting. A bit more spicy and a bit more heat than Ancho. Excellent as a marinade and for grilling. Very distinctive and very unique. Now you can prepare all those 'Chipotle' recipes with the flip of the lid. Use the same measurement as you would with Chipotles in Adobo sauce.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 tsp

  • Calories - 15
  • Total Fat - 0.5g
  • Sat. Fat - 0g
  • Trans Fat - 0g
  • Cholesterol - 0mg
  • Sodium - 140mg
  • Total Carbs - 2g
  • Fiber - 0g
  • Sugars - 0g
  • Protein - 0g

Ingredients: Peppers (red, jalapeno), sautéed vegetables (onions, carrots and celery), maltodextrin, chipotle powder, salt, corn oil, olive oil, sugar, water, spices, molasses, dried onion, vinegar, modified food starch, 2 % or less of palm oil, garlic, citric acid, disodium inosinate/disodium guanylate, natural flavor, natural smoke flavor

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